Wednesday, 4 February 2015


Wellman® Drink

The great tasting high performance drink for men

Wellman® High Performance Drink is a lightly carbonated, clean, refreshing drink with apple and grape juice plus botanical extracts and vitamins. It has been specially developed for men who lead a hectic lifestyle and want to perform at their peak at all times. Wellman® Drink is from the makers of Wellman®, the UK's No. 1 selling-all-round supplement for men and is an ideal addition to Wellman tablets.
Wellman® High Performance Drink does not provide a short term artificial energy boost from excessive calories, sugar & synthetic caffeine; instead it contains nutrients including vitamins B6 and B12 which contribute to normal energy release and a reduction of tiredness and fatigue. Wellman® Drink also contains zinc which contributes to normal immune system. It contains low levels of natural caffeine from Guarana and Green Tea Extract.
Wellman® High Performance Drink has been developed by experts to provide immediate refreshment and help maintain optimum performance for men with a busy hectic lifestyle. Please note it is not a replacement for Wellman® tablets, but a refreshing addition for when you are looking for an alternative to high sugar and caffeine energy drinks.

Very low levels of naturally occurring caffeine

Wellman Drink and Wellwoman Drink contain very low levels of naturally occurring caffeine (Wellman Drink 3.5mg/can, Wellwoman Drink 2.8mg/can) from botanical extracts such as Guarana and Green Tea extracts, making them the ideal alternatives to high sugar - high caffeine energy drinks, which can include 80mg or more of added synthetic caffeine per 250ml can.

Product Availability:
Wellwoman health and vitality drink is available in Pharmacy in Nigeria.  To supply  your pharmacy order online  at or Call office no 014538917

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